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I’ve been working 40-50+ hours most weeks and took a bit of time to celebrate my birthday. Now I’m back on the design wagon and feeling critical of taking that time off.

On the other hand, sometimes a piece needs to breathe on it’s own for a bit. Since I’ve come back to looking over my notes, I’ve realized that about  1/4 of what I have down needs to be reworked. Art is funny like that. It needs to feel just right before I can let people attack it and try to break it so I can make it better.

The premise of Terra Somniorum works, but not in the way I thought it should. It feels too forced in places where it needs to flow. However, some of the delightful oddities are still working in ways that I enjoy. I want to have it smoothed out enough that I can start my play tests around the end of April.

Tonight is going to be a new scheduling night to work out some of the kinks as well as an ass to chair writing session.

Lost time…

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It’s been one of those weeks.

The kind where nothing is running on time due to life and you start to wonder if perhaps you have enough time over all to get the things done in accordance to your  work schedule. I wanted my character creation draft for Project Nowhere done by this coming weekend and my day of writing got canceled yesterday due to most of the family being sick. Kids come first so I spent the day with them.

Trying to reschedule a writing day for Friday and get back on track. So far, I’ve been writing when the kids go to sleep at night or napping on the weekends. The work on Terra Somniorum (my personal project) is coming along. Jerome pointed out that  some parts needed to be re-worked because some of the ideas made no sense in context and while I liked the idea, I needed to figure out a new way to implement it. So that got taken care of a bit last night.

Hoping to still get my draft done and a bit more written on TS tonight and Friday. Jerome’s Warmachine figures come in on Wednesday so I might break for painting to clear my head.

Ramblings #1

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Looking Glass Wars

Don’t Rest Your Head

Alice in Wonderland



Project Nowhere

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After working on Project Nowhere for about 2 months, with some breaks due to life getting in the way, the mechanics, character creation and setting were ready to be tested.

On Saturday, I ran through character creation and the conflict resolution. Not as much as I had hoped, but everyone was having a great time with the character creation and some people had to work very early in the morning. The feedback was great because I have some ideas as to where we need to tighten it up and how to shorten pieces of the process in order to make it more clear and concise. The conflict resolution seems to be holding up to what I wanted, and that somewhat surprises me and inspires hope.

Time to work on the character creation draft and get ready for the next play test in about 2 weeks.

Brand New Bag of Dice

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I’ve been a gamer for about 10 years now. A late bloomer, I know. Over the last few years, I’ve realized how much this hobby of ours really means to me. We have people over several times a week and make family meals for everyone simply because we love the friends who originally came together to game and have become the family we needed.

This last year has been a huge turning point for me. I started going to more conventions and meeting some amazing people. My husband mentioned that he and a friend of our were looking at making a game based on his 2009 NaNo submission. Heading into RinCon ’10, I decided that I might perhaps be able to help them with their design if I could learn a thing or two. I should have known better.

Walking in to RinCon, we sat down at a table with the fantastic John Wick, whom we had been introduced to over the summer through others we had met at the Phoenix Comicon. He in turn introduced us to Ryan Macklin and Paul Tevis.  Do you see where this is going? Good. Let’s shorten this up a little.

A month later, I found myself sitting in a lobby in the Tropicana surrounded by game designers. Fantastic game designers whom I had throughly admired. Every one of them was willing to answer questions and assist in teaching an utter newb to game design whatever they wanted to know. It was an amazing experience to have. It was then that I truly became hooked into the idea of designing a game.

From the time I got home from NeonCon until today, I have done nothing in my free time, and often my work time, but dedicate my energy into making a game I want to play. Over and over, game designers their blogs, and their podcasts have gone above and beyond to help me sort through first game issues. How to deal with writing block, answering the big 3 questions…. Then I had another thought. Since I have found seeing how people I admire work through their design process and it has helped me, why not take the time to write about mine? Whether it is just to see how far into this obsession I have gone to make something that I can be proud of or if it may help someone else a long – long- way down the road, it seems worth the effort.

So here goes. Welcome to game design- it’s my brand new bag of dice.